Should you sign up for Medicare?

In this section you will see some frequently asked questions that people new to Medicare run into. We hope this helps! If you have a question about your particular situation please don’t hesitate to call or email. You can find our contact information on the contact us page. Thanks for looking!

Should I take part A if I am still using employer insurance?

Yes, you should always take part A, it is free to you as long as you have worked enough quarters throughout your life.

Should I take part B if I am still using employer insurance?

In most cases no, but if your employer health insurance is $200.00 or more per month then you would be better off getting on Medicare part B and purchasing a Supplement. Medicare Supplements have much lower deductibles than many employer’s group plans and more freedom in choosing doctors and specialists you like. If you are thinking about turning down Part B, or enrolling in only Part A, you should call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 and ask if you can defer enrollment without penalty.

What Medicare doesn’t cover that my work insurance does?

Dental work, eye glasses and some chiropractors do not accept the Medicare assignment which simply means you would have to pay a small fee out of pocket to cover the excess charges. Before you get off of your employer health insurance it would be wise to get dental work taken care of and visit your eye doctor to get a new pair of glasses before going on Medicare.

When do I need a Medicare Supplement?

If you are only taking part A of Medicare then you do not need to get a Medicare Supplement policy. If you are taking part A and B of Medicare it would be in your best interest to get a Medicare Supplement to start the same month that your part A and B take effect.

Why do I need a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Supplement is not required, but it will definitely save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Where should I buy a Medicare Supplement?

Chances are, if you are looking at this page, we personally reached out to you either by mail or in person and we would be honored to take care of your Medicare Supplement needs. We are local agents in the Illinois Valley area. You can learn more about us in the About Us link and you can contact us by going to the Contact Us link

Can I look up rates on my own to get a general idea of the prices?

Yes, for your convenience, we created a simple reference with the best providers and plans. Let’s check out the rates.

How do I enroll in a drug program?

For our company, we will help you sign up for a drug program free of charge the same time we do your Medicare Supplement. Otherwise, you can visit our Medicare Part D link to learn more.

Here are a few things you need to know about where to buy your Supplement.

  • Only licensed insurance agents can offer Medicare Supplements.
  • You will want to buy from someone who specializes in Medicare Supplements rather than just your car insurance guy.
  • If their only option is a single insurance company (like Blue Cross) then you are at the wrong place.
  • You want to buy from someone who is within driving distance and willing to drive to you (we will).
  • You want to deal with someone in person rather than over the phone or on the internet because if and when you have questions you want a reliable local person because you will actually be using this insurance and the agent often.
  • You want to buy from someone who offers several different companies and stays up to date with new companies coming out. Options are good.