Part C: Advantage Plans medicare advantage

Advantage plans allows private insurance companies to take over the role of Medicare part A and B. These plans are PPO’s and HMO’s which means that you would need to use doctors and hospitals within the network. These plans are required to cover at least what Original Medicare would have covered and sometimes come with some form of prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans may have a monthly premium in addition to your part B payment. These plans have a yearly out of pocket maximum between $3,500-$6,700 which means that once you have paid that much in medical expenses that year you won’t have to pay any more for the remainder of the year.

Original Medicare average prescription drug plans cost on average between $18.00-$29.00 per month.

Locally, St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley does not accept Medicare Advantage.

Learn more about Advantage Plans at or by calling 1800-MEDICARE.